TSC Biking group here we are!!

veröffentlicht am 14.04.2021

TSC Biking group here we are!!

Biking with sun and rain and snow and (unfortunately) a little bit of ice…

But because #you_are_always_a_bike_away_from_a_good_mood we enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you for helping us keep fit and smiley in quarantine. Since everything is better when made with friends, Ulianna and me (this is Ioanna) decided to do this tour together.<3  

P.S.: I knew Duisburg was full of hidden beauties!

Stop 1! Duisburg Zoo, this day the weather was not an ‘ally’ so we had to live the moment under the rain and the foggy sky. We did not see any giraffe head’s from the wall but we did make a selfie with the giraffe painting. After all, there is no big difference (#not).

Stop 2! University Bibliothek. Such a beautiful building, and I am sure that when it is open and full of students it would feel a lot more ‘alive’. There we noticed some interesting artistic statues and decided this was the perfect spot for #selfie_number2.

Stop 3! A yellow Bridge. Thankfully we saw somebody and asked for help otherwise this would be a bit tricky to find. When we arrived, though, it really was worth it. The noisy cars on one hand and the entrance of the forest on the other hand were making a really beautiful background! In this forest a neighbour told me that you can see wild pigs, but this is planned for the next days, maybe in another blog, so stay tuned!

Stop 4! Duisburg Stadium. I need to say this was my favourite stop of them all. When I came in Germany everything was already super-corona-difficult for me, but my terrible biking skills were to be added in the list of difficulties. So, I needed to practice in a place without cars and the lake near the Stadium was the perfect spot. I was going there almost every day with my neighbour and it really payed off not only in the bike but also in my mood.

Stop 5 and 6! First & Second Station in 6-Seen Platte. This is a very well known spot for biking or at least I think so, since I have been recommended from many people to go there. So, this biking challenge was a great ‘excuse’. As a highlight, with Ulianna we found the exact same place as the photo in the app to take our #selfie_number6.

Stop 7! Bridge. Oh, for the last 2 stages the sun was a great ‘gift’ from the sky. The bridge, though, was full of ice (I guess not everything can be by our side), so it was ‘sehr schwierig’ to carry the bike there, but the view is really so calming that deserved the bike struggle. As I have already revealed, I am far from calling myself an experienced driver after all, so I expected some difficulties to knock on my door.

Stop 8! Aussichtsturm. We found the Turm by asking a really polite elderly woman, who was quite talkative and told us some stories about her husband in the Second World War. Don’t ask how we came to that from the #bike_chalenge, I guess even I don’t know the answer. The kind people we met that day really added to our already beautiful memories. We felt really happy to finish the stage and we biked more around the lake as a little celebration.

Here, I need to mention that the first day we biked I had my nameday. In Greece this means big celebration and presents, here I just need to explain to everybody why my phone rings all the time and I am more than happy to reply and talk with friends, family and relatives. So, this really made my day special!

Special thanks to TSC Tutor Darshan for organizing this wonderful biking trip!

                                                                                           Ioanna Terzi