Die TSC Tutoren stellen sich vor

veröffentlicht am 26.07.2017

Neugierig, wer sich hinter dem TSC verbirgt? In unserer neuen Reihe stellen sich die TSC Tutoren vor.
Heute stellt sich Darshan vor, der erst als Austauschstudent an TSC Aktivitäten teilnahm und nun seit Kurzem selber als TSC Tutor dabei ist.

Hell0o! I am Darshan Gandhi from India and pursuing M.Sc. in Automation and Control Engineering ISE Program currently in 2nd Semester. I came Germany on October 2016.I am fond of cooking vegetarian food which is very relaxing for me and sometimes hiking too. I love to explore the world and make friends from different cultures.

When I 1st travelled to Germany, my family members in India as well as some of my mates used to ask me Don’t you feel Homesickness or difficulties in adjusting in a completely new country? Noo! I straight forwardly used to refuse. Because I have TSC Group in my University, which is my home away from home. It’s not just an event management staff but an extended family for us. The Tutors of TSC group not only help us in our studies or administrative work but also give warm environment to love and make friends. I have friends from all over the world Columbia, China, Italy, Poland and of course Germany for which I am thankful to TSC group.

I still remember my 1st TSC Stammtisch, which I attended on my 3rd day of my arrival to germany and was a memorable evening. After that I had attended many Events like Football match, LaserTag, Superfly trampoline park, Opera, Ice Skating, and many more. It was more fun to go to this events with a big group because more the people more the fun.

I was so overwhelmed with TSC Team work that I decided to become Tutor and help new Students of University with the same compassion and happiness I received from my tutors. So, I started working as a Tutor in TSC Team from 1st Mai 2017 and really loving my work.