Die TSC Tutoren stellen sich vor

veröffentlicht am 06.11.2016

Neugierig, wer sich hinter dem TSC verbirgt? In unserer neuen Reihe stellen sich die TSC Tutoren vor. Heute lernt ihr Farhang kennen, der noch ganz frisch beim TSC dabei ist.

My name is Farhang, This means Culture in Persian, I come from Iran and I have been doing a master as an international student in Construction Management in campus Essen since 2015 and recently started working at TSC .
I have been travelling since I can remember so this makes me a travel enthuiast. I love meeting new people from around the world and I very much enjoy discovering new cultures and one of my biggest passions is to learn new languages. I love nature and outdoor activities like skiing; hiking and mountaineering then we will probably go hiking together!

I believe that Studying abroad is a life changing experience and as the first impressions play a special role in our understanding of this Journey, making friends and getting connected with other International students will help us to use the full potential of this dynamic community. For those who made this journey, do not hesitate to reach out to me any questions or concerns I’ll be glad to get to know you!