Die TSC Tutoren stellen sich vor

veröffentlicht am 07.10.2016

Neugierig, wer sich hinter dem TSC verbirgt? In unserer neuen Reihe stellen sich die TSC Tutoren vor.
Heute lernt ihr Dawud kennen, Social Media Beauftragter des TSC und stets damit beschäftigt, Stimmung und gute Laune zu verbreiten.

Ladies & Gents!

It’s an honor to introduce myself to you guys as an International Tutor at TSC: The upmost incredible students organization of all time!!^^
I guess some already know me from Campus Essen and for sure from all our great events and activities!
Well, here is an official portrait of me: I study International Business in my Masters and I made my semester abroad in South East Asia – the upmost mind blowing time of my whole life!!
My hobbies are: Getting to know to interesting people, enjoying great ’n healthy food and of course hitting the gym after a hard ’n long day of studying at the library!
Apart from from that I love traveling the world and appreciate the uniqueness of all cultures all around the globe!
Thats why… I am looking extremely forward to getting to know to many many of u guys so I can visit each one of you some day back home…for free! haha just kidding;)
My job at TSC consists of PR & Social Media – but TBH primarily of spreading some good mood on campus!!^^

Peace out to everyone & beste Grüße!